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Guitar trio again, but this time with Danelectro baritone. There's some high- and low-pass Auto-Filter with drive on the bridge pickup, and some EQ-8 with low-end reduction on the neck pickup. And two convolution reverbs, in addition to the usual Wide&Warm preset for finalization. No outboard effects.

The title comes from US Highway 491 (formerly 666), which gives access to Shiprock, NM.

A quick, mostly in-the-box track: trap kit single-hits, 909 kick on occasion, hand claps, tabla, Analog percussion, Operator upright bass, and Bastl Kastle synth for flavor. I had a few other voices in this and took them out. Lots of auto-filter, some auto-filter modulation on the delay send for some dub feeling.

Title from looking up the number 25 and seeing that the French department of Doubs is 25. (Could have called this "Doubs," but it wasn't quite dubby enough.)