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Still with the guitar-only, this one four tracks of PureSalem Mendiola (bridge, neck, both, with one going through Uni-Vibe), This one's rather pretty, and has a bit of a vibe.

The title comes from the asteroid 507 Laodica--we're back to the celestial objects for this week.

I'd approached this week with the thought of changing some working methods. While some things stayed the same (one guitar, no inline tone shaping, common click track), this time the guitar lines are mostly more spacious, and the structure more tenuous and intuitive.

In previous weeks, I was able to edit tracks down easily--if everything's 4/4, with clearly defined phrases, edit points are obvious. With this piece, aggressive editing also removed the vibe. It was easy to crush this one accidentally. What I ended up doing was recording from session view to arrangement view, triggering clips in the session view, and then tweaking a few things later. That preserved the fragile development of the piece. It also led to a structure that was kind of linear in order of tracking, though that's not necessarily a bad thing.

The individual parts varied between 6/4 and 4/4, some with pauses at the end, and some without. I also used a volume pedal for rolling off the attack on some notes. There's convolution reverb, and the usual compression/eq on the stereo mix. It's kind of a vibe.

The title comes from the minor planet 492 Gismonda.

Another four-track all-guitar thing, again very loose. I'm working toward something with these, and while this one doesn't get there, it's a step. Four channels of PureSalem Mendiola, one of them through Balls Effects KWB, all of them with varying degrees of convolution reverb.

The title comes from the "beginning" association of the surat Al-Alaq.