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[Edit 16/11/15: FINALLY finished it!! I'm only like two weeks late xDD But the past couple of weeks have been a bit slow for me since i didn't have internet and caught a cold as well. Still glad I finished this one up. Only one more to finish now :D I had a lot of fun painting the steak...I WAAANT some right nao e__e ]

is it weird I'm placeholdin so much? XD Got an awful migraine so being tough to catch up..but no worries, I'm gonna catch up to teh fanarts sooooooooon.

5/11/15: Yoshh!! Finally finished this xD Yeah this took longer than I wanted it to...due to many interruptions while painting it.I mean the painting itself didn't take long, but it dragged on for longer than I wanted. Anyways, still I'm glad I painted this. I really like Mirai's design a lot and it was fun painting this. Also kinda happy with how it turned out. ONLY TWO MORE DRAWINGS TO GO OMGGG YAAAY

[Edit: 3/11/2015] Yosh it's Kiki today! I wanted to play around with a simple style again, and it was a bit tricky handling it but I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it. Made her a bit more "stylish" xD Wanted to see how it'd look on her an all hehe.

Finished ze Halloween day fanart! But right now just too tired and don't want to do a crappy job of the other two will finish it after I get some sleep

This took a while, but I'm so glad I finally finished. I was feelin kinda down all day so it was tough to work on this....but still it was quite enjoyable to work on this at times..and maybe the whole painting woulda been even more fun if I wasn't feelin so weird. Still, the good thing and maybe the bad thing (haha) about fanart month is that, no matter how bad I feel I'll have to churn out a painting everyday...and make it look as nice as I can within the time limit. Anyways technically this is the last painting from October, tho I did finish it's the 1st xD But I felt it's a good idea to close the month with Pokemon as I did start off fanart month with Pokemon as well hehe. Also POKEMON RULEZ KTHNXBAI


As you can prolly see, I'm having a lot of fun with these :D Not sure if I'll paint the male characters in school uniform, but that'd be fun I guess. We'll see. BUUUT I'm finally all caught up as far as my daily fanarts wooo. Regular schedule from now on :B

Weell wanted to paint something simple, and I thought..I haven't painted Go Go yet!!! And I love Go Go! How could this be?? So yeah, thought I'd paint a school going version of Go Go. Think I'll paint Honey as well. It was pretty fun to paint and went fairly smoothly...again all hail flat style :B

p.s - That tamago sure looks delish * q *

Should prolly draw her enjoyin some noodles at a noodle bar or sth...would be nice. ANYWAYS, I'm all caught up with teh fanarts, phew!!! Now to get some sleeep. Ciao!

Okami is such an incredible game and I really love Okamiden to bits as well :D Anyways, I wanted to paint Shiranui but I fail at drawing wolves atm..still learning lol, so decided to paint Amaterasu's human form..which is how she's usually perceived traditionally..but yeah it's something I've been wanting to paint for a really long time now..and I love East Asian ink and watercolour paintings A LOT..esp love Sumi-e and so Okami's style is just something I loved instantly and is one of my most favourite visual styles. This was a lot of fun and I always love playing with more traditional look to digital paintings. Missed painting in this style a lot >3< Been ages since I last tried something inky like this..was prolly around the beginning of this year? At any rate..need to paint more stuff like this :D

[EDIT: Updated with the finished painting. Considering the sketch, the end result turned out fairly decent XD ]

YEP!! Probably my most favourite female Disney character :D Mulan is the biggest badass out there and I haven't drawn her in ages, so yeah about time : 3 still a wip, but I caught a cold yesterday and also shitty internet has slowed me down somewhat, but no worries I'll finish it up soon and post it up :D

EDIT: OK I've been trying to upload the artwork for hours...and no success :/ So I'm attaching the dA link for now:

Song of the Sea is one of the most incredible I've ever seen....its just so so amazing and breathtaking and inspiring..ALL TEH FEELS MAN..

Since it's my 20th day of doing daily fanarts, thought I'd paint something special : ) Also got it done before time today, so yay : 3

[Edit: Updated with the finished painting. Took around 1.5 hours more. And with this the trio of the 3 Persona protagonists are done! Can't believe I painted them, I've been wanting to for so long!! I'm sorry but this is something big for me in a way. Also maintained the same style throughout :D Anyways, it's been a lot of fun painting these three. Now to do some other fanart for the next three days :3 ]

It's been tough managing time the last few days, so got late again today. Anyways, here is the sketch for now!

Got late again on this one, but it'll be done soon. Be back with the update!

[edit: Updated with the finished artwork. Took an hour more. Not much to say here, cept I LOVE PERSONA 3 <333 And I need to paint a bazillion more Persona fanart xD This was quite fun to do, but I was rushing like mad cause I'm having to design a character for a contest I'm entering in a few days. Yay for last minute entries =w= ]

[EDIT: Added the finished illustration :D Took half an hour more : 3 Went for a simplistic look, will have to do more detailed fanart after fanart month is done ]

Persona 5 is coming out next year man, this game is looking so good! Uber excited about it, so this had to be done. Uploading the wip cause I'm not done yet, but it'll be done in the next hour or so. Stupid power cuts :/

BRS is awesome, nough said : 3 It was a lot of fun playing with the textures and such! Yeeeh, not much else to sayy today xD

[EDIT : I finished it! Added the updated file, but I'm keeping the version I initially uploaded. I was going for a flat look and I almost ruined the look by adding more volumetric shading -___- But yeah glad I snapped back to my senses and I'm fairly happy with how it turned out ;3]

Okay so I got kinda late with today's one and also this is like 90% done, so not fully complete. The power went out twice while I was working on it and this process also is taking longer than i expected...but still, it's almost done and it still counts right? xD (will update when complete)

But yeah it's Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere...she's such an amazing character, love her's so complex yet so beautiful...and Odin Sphere is such an amazing game, I'm so glad it's getting an HD remake!! So I've been playing this game for a while and it's been an amazing journey so far. ALL TEH FEEELS

Persona 3 is one of my favourite games of all time...and wanted to paint something fun and simple. So thought I'd paint Yukari today. Had a sleepless and tiring day and so wanted to paint it loosely....cleaned up more than I wanted to but hey it was relaxing and fun to paint. So yeah. Didn't turn out that bad I guess xD But I really need to stop myself from refining so much at times e___e

Man I've been wanting to paint Jack for like...fricking FOREVERRR! I love ROTG so much and all the characters are so epic >w< So yeah I'm really happy I painted him today. And it didn't turn out horrible either, so there is that. It was a lot of fun to practice with textures on this one and also on a slightly different painting technique as well. I think I'm getting more streamlined at this style, like have a proper workflow an all. That definitely helps make things faster and easier in the long run. Aaanyways, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out and it was really relaxing too so I'm glad : 3

Welp, another semi realistic portrait fanart xD It's Princess Bubblegum! Consider how horrid the sketch was, the finished painting turned out way, way nicer, so yeah kinda happy with it...and considering how tired I was...I'm just glad I finished it and it was a lot of fun as well. Wooot day 6 done!

Okay so today's entry took a bit long becauseee I painted it twice.

First time, I spent a couple of hours painting Rover and well I wasn't happy with it at all..So I decided to scrap that and do a new painting with Rover in it..different colour scheme, composition..a totally new picture basically. And while I was working on it stuff my brother got admitted to a hospital and our living room kinda flooded a bit due to water leakage from the kitchen was really tough to focus by then. But I really wanted to get it done..and so yeah..I'm glad I finished in time. It could have been better but this will have to do for now. Definitely better than the previous attempt. 29 more to go xD