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[EDIT: a few days later] I has finally finished zis. Well let's just say I was rushing like mad to get it done in 5 hours...yeah. I'm just glad it's done, I wish I was A BETTER ARTIST so I could paint it like 10x better.....but OH WELL i still suck. Anyways, still I enjoyed doing the lineart and I liked painting the melon soda thingy....also the phone (so random lol). I really need to PAINT SIMPLE STUFF things that can be done in 2 hours max, so I can catch up but I keep painting detailed stuff so that doesn't help. For this I experimented with a very old brush of mine, saved a lot of time. But probably would've been faster to do this in Clip Studio Paint haha. Whatevsssss (〃⌒∇⌒)

Yep, another wip for today too. Just when I thought I'd caught up. But I think I should focus on getting ample sleep everyday so my routine doesn't get any more messed up than it already is XDD But I have a good feeling about this painting. Doodled it while listening to O Sole Mio by SF9. Honestly felt like painting something directly inspired by the world in the MV but I know it'd take me way too long to figure something like that out, so I'll have to try it after Intense Art April is done haha 😅

[edit: a few hours later] So just refined some of the areas, added the rain and some small finishing touches. With this I'm actually kinda caught up...whooo. I'm gonna have to stick to extremely simple stuff for the next couple of days because work has totally piled up while I've been a bit sick this past week =__=;;;

But I haven't drawn anything with a rainy theme in AGES...and there was a time when I'd draw a bajillion rainy day artworks a year....interesting to see how my drawing habits have changed heh. It was raining today so I thought something like this would be nice.

THIS IS ALMOST DONE close but it's super late and I really need some sleep. So posting it as it is now XD

[edit many many hours later ewe] OKAY so I went for a totally different artwork..wasn't too happy with the previous sketch. But it was a lot of fun to paint. All the yummy details were really fun to do. And now I feel like having one of these.........too bad I'm broke AF XD

I'm still behind by a day sigh........
Let's hope this super simple artwork helps me catch up XD

[Edit much much later the next day] Yuss after much confusion I finally manged to finish this...not that it was difficult but there were so many ways in which this could've been a bit overwhelmed for a bit. But once I just focused on the painting instead of worrying about all the variables, it was a very relaxing and smooth process overall. Gotta love cherry blossoms A

Cherry Blossoms are blooming everywhere so I can't help but want to draw them all day =w=

[Edit: a billion hours later the next day] It's done~ I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Wanted something soft and pastel. I'd have loved to make it look all nice and painterly and stuff but I had to go for a cell shaded look since I was trying to finish it quick. But it turned out pretty interesting looking and I had fun playing with textures and's been a while since I did that so I really enjoyed that part a lot.

Lol since I'm so behind making a simple one for today. But I'm too tired so here's a sketch for now. Will have to finish it up later on tomorrow -_-

[edit a few hours later] It is finished!! Wooo honestly I'm fairly happy with how this turned out...especially the ambiance. It's not perfect by any means, but hey it was done in less than a day and it's something detailed and not super half assed for a change, and I had a lot of fun painting this (excluding the power cuts). I including a crop because DETAILS~ LOOK AT THEM, they will do you good >3>

sigh the power keeps going out so I haven't been able to fully complete it yet, but I'll finish it up later on after the electricity stabilises somewhat and I don't risk corrupting this whole artwork =__=;;;

Yuss first day done! Okay I inked and coloured this in under 4 hours loool. Honestly I'm pretty surprised at how decent it turned out...usually it takes ages for me to finish coloured lined stuff with a painterly style. But the amazing part about this kind of challenge is that is pushes you to think of efficient ways to get things done. For example, for her hair I separated the sections into a few different layers which made it a lot easier to shade without me having to zoom in and do a tonne of clean-ups on overlapping areas. ANYWAYS i looooove mint choco ice cream and I still remember this awesome mint choco gelato I had in Singapore years ago. I still crave it * A * I actually sketched this on my tab a few days ago but I thought it'd be a good way to start this challenge. The sketch can be seen here:

[A MONTH LatER 29/11/2015]

FINALLY finished this!! I know it took me ages to finish the last painting in this streak, but I felt since I got interrupted multiple times and it was taking long anyways, might as well take my time with it and make it something a bit more detailed. SO we have this. Started with Pokemon and finished with Pokemon :P Cept as you can see N is the focus here! ALL HAIL TEH KING XD Anyways, this took forever! Like um 5 days on and off...and it was quite a bit of work and I pushed myself in a lot of areas with this..but I'm really glad I did. It's like the buildup of all the stuff I learned/tried/practiced throughout fanart month..and I'm really proud of myself for doing this. Whoever tagged along this, thank you so much for your support. Really really means a lot to me. It's been an incredibly rewarding streak and I can't wait to try out another streak...just not next month ahahaa. Anyways, so yeah pretty happy with how this turned out..and the reason I started Fanart month was to help me get rid of my art block and also to push myself to paint more of the stuff I love..and I feel it's more than served it's purpose. That aside this was a kind of fresh start for me in a way as here's to more fun and cool art! Cheers!

BECAUSE I'll catch up todayyy xD I think e__e

I've been rewatching As Told by Ginger and mann I love that show so much! And Macy is one of my favourites : ) So had to paint her! And this was a bit rushed as by the time I started painting it was pretty late...still glad I got it done.