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[A few hours later] Got some good rest and had a good breakfast, so this went really smoothly. I really enjoyed making this one, and also I realised what took me 3-4 hours at the beginning of this month, now takes me half the time! That's such a cool thing to realise, it always feels good to find that practice is paying off. NOW I WANT SOME BUBBLE TEA :o

Also remember kids, get some rest and you'll be able to work faster and in a better mood too!

really tired tonight, will post this animation after I get some rest = w =

[A few hours later] Ohohoho I finished!! It was fun but damn it was a pain in the butts to get this done quick, I was feelin pretty sleepy too. Glad it's done tho. Enjoy ze winter fashionz o w ob


Today's wip :D Simple stuff but funnn

[20/01/2016] There you go, after some good sleep I finished the animation for today :D It's simple but it was fun to do. I do like how the overall look came out, found out some neat techniques on AE so after animation month is over it'll come in handy for more better animation projects that I can take more time with. But you know, that's what animation month is all about yeah! Not nitpicking on stuff and just making em animations happen, no matter how small, how imperfect or how simple.

I'm so tired, been workin all day so gonna get some sleep and make some animations after I'm well rested and stuff. Later!

HEY! I finally made a new animation, and on time for today :D Now to catch up to the other days e__e

But anyways, here's a quick little ice cream truck. Neko Ice Cream is delicious (^• ω •^)

[Update 11/01/2016] LOL if I knew Pachi's tail isn't that bouncy..I prolly woulda stuck to another Pokemon for this. I only found out when I was frustrated with how the tail animation was coming out and went to see how they handled animating it's tail..only to see, it's fairly stiff. But hey it was good practice. FUCKIN HELL this wave motion shIT Is fruSTRATINg. BUT THAT JUST MAKES THE FLAMES BURN STRONGER!!! GOnna master thiS DAmn THING i tell ya!! (╯°益°)╯彡┻━┻

Aaaa I'm behind again but dammit irl stuff -__-

Will post new animations after some sleep!

[Update]I always love the sunlight streaming through my window early in the morning or during the wanted to capture that soft warm feeling. ALSO gotta love teh pastels =3= And today's one took around 2 . 5 hours, not that bad I guess.

My daily sleep routine got all jumbled up so I slept all afternoon and evening since I worked all morning today...and lol only now am I being able to work on today's animation. ANYwayS, will update in a couple of hours! Yay for placeholders :p