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peachtober: bottle & spade

I drew the day of, but forgot to upload

peachtober 18 and 19: match and uniform

peachtober 14 and 15: scout & toast

(drew yesterday but forgot to upload)
Peachtober 12 and 13: honey and treasure

Peachtober 10 & 11: Frog and Gold

References on top, imagination on bottom

Peachtober 7 and 8: crown and thunder

peachtober: treehouse

peachtober: RISE

my drawing from imagination are so bad (always the 4th one so far), but it's exactly the gap I need to work on

peachtober: hand

hands from imagination on the bottom right lol

peachtober day 3: cloud


lol tried to draw train from imagination that didn't go well

Tulip. First 3 from ref, bottom imagination