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A submission for Daily Art Club

I’ve been struggling to draw these last few weeks. I always have this problem of not knowing how to learn, what to draw, etc…

I found the Draw a Box website on the Art resources discussion and decided to start learning with this method. I hope I’ll keep at it for a long while!

First lesson, part 1, exercise 1.

25 minutes of work.

Didn’t feel like drawing these last few days. But here we are again! :D

Sketch done super quickly not to break my streak. I’ll try to post a second one today to make it up. :Þ

Posture work, inspired by this image by Kahito_Slydeft (warning: slightly not safe for work)

Very quick sketch before going to bed.

Focus was on volume.

Inspired by this cool drawing from Matrices.

I started drawing regularly a few weeks ago, so why not join this streak? :D

Today’s doodle inspired by this drawing.

I left other doodles on the page as a bonus since I didn’t join this streak earlier.