Submissions by Flo tagged gamejam

fixed camera jitter + checkpoint colliders

Topic: Deeper and deeper
Added collectibles, hazards and particles & tweaked controls

I'm taking part in the Ludum Dare game jam (day 1)
Theme: Stuck in a Loop

A submission for Daily Art Club

Played around in Unity - controlling a bowling ball and knocking over pins.

Attended an 8h mini game jam today and made this small gamey thing in unity: Blow up stuff to make it to the exit.

I attended my second 8h mini game jam and created a small gamey thing in unity. Play as a skull collecting bones underwater. Beware of the other skulls lurking in the dark.

I attended an 8h mini game jam and managed to create a small playable prototype in unity. Protect your expensive carpet from an erupting volcano with your umbrella.