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I'm taking part in the Ludum Dare game jam (day 1)
Theme: Stuck in a Loop

Attended an 8h mini game jam today and made this small gamey thing in unity: Blow up stuff to make it to the exit.

I attended my second 8h mini game jam and created a small gamey thing in unity. Play as a skull collecting bones underwater. Beware of the other skulls lurking in the dark.

I attended an 8h mini game jam and managed to create a small playable prototype in unity. Protect your expensive carpet from an erupting volcano with your umbrella.

Added dummy graphics and card flipping animation.

Continued with the memory game on my train ride back home - game loop and basic mechanics are working now. Yay!

Spent a couple of hours on a train today, so I started a simple memory game from scratch to get into unity again. Some basic work is done, will continue on my way back.