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I made a ton of progress on my quick game for this week called MetaRPG. It is an affectionate parody of RPGs like Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior where you will walk along the plotline to the right. As you walk you gain experience and currency units but lose HP/MP. You can rest and restore at towns as well as trace currency units for equipment levels which lets you travel further along the plotline. I'm hoping that it is more fun than it sounds as I describe it.

I created all the basic layout stuff and added everything to the scene. I also coded the flag that keeps track of the farthest location you have reached along the plotline. The thinking is that moving forward in on the plotline is slow when you are advancing the plot (either because you get lost in mazes, or deal with cutscenes, or mazes with cutscenes) but faster when you are revisiting previously explored areas.

I'm having trouble explaining this concept...

So I've decided my next A Game A Week entry will be MetaRPG (working title). It will be a tongue in cheek look at typical fantasy RPGs lampshading tropes and other weirdness. You will progress through the game mainly by walking along a path that goes in one direction while plot happens to you.

The characters in order from top to bottom:

Generic Hero Guy

Tomboy Princess

Old Wizard much more powerful than you but will die

Much-cooler-than-the-hero guy

Obviously evil guy (who will betray the party to the surprise of everybody in game but nobody outside of it)