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I'm officially at the point where I can release Black Box beta for public consumption. This was primarily an entry for the One Game a Week streak. I made it in about 4 days over the course of about 5 hours.

Black Box is a direct copy of a board game produced by Parker Brothers in the late 70s. It is a puzzle game with the goal of discovering the location of atoms hidden within the Black Box by firing lasers in from the sides of the board. These lasers either travel straight through, bounce off of one or more atoms before coming out, reflect off one or two atoms and come out the position that it entered, or hit an atom directly. By looking at the result of these lasers you can determine where the atoms are located. The less lasers

The game is fully playable as it is. I need to add a menu, a How To Play screen, then add more polish, color changes, and different difficulty levels. If I'm feeling really ambitious I might add a high scores table or something. Maybe some relaxing music and sound effects at some point.

You can play it here.

Happy lasering!

EDIT - I finished it off. There is a "How to Play" as well as three different difficulties. I cleaned up some of the interface stuff (you can't click on the same space more than once now, for instance). There is one extremely rare case that the lasers give the wrong result and occasionally the random color generator comes up with a color extremely close to the background color so it is hard to see. I don't think I'm going back to fix it though. On to the next!


A submission for Code @Home 65

I entered the Weekly Game Streak which is causing me to put on hold some of the larger projects. So I started programming a game which is a copy of the board game Black Box. The goal is to locate the placement of Atoms within a hidden area (the Black Box) by shooting lasers in the sides and seeing where they come out. The game is mainly two players but it has the option if playing solitaire play if you don't mind looking up your guesses on a bunch of tables. It is a pretty simple game and one that should be easily achievable in a week.

I've got most of the game coding in place. This is what it currently looks like,

Sorry this is a duplicate of the Art Streak, but I wanted to get something over here too...

So I took yesterday's concept art with color choices and actually programmed it to be drawn on the screen with HaxeFlixel. I started the game programming also, but that is neither here nor there with the Daily Art Streak.