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As preparation for National November Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), any writing related to a story or story-planning can be posted. No rules, just write!

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whaaaat? it's the last day. fuck. well. wrote down some character notes. I'll end up doing some more prep tomorrow, but then it's off to the races. wish me luck (no one is reading this).

jotted down notes. only a few more days now

getting down to the wire. jotted down some ideas today, but i've been spending more time away from it just to prevent burn out.

not much done today either, spent a lot of time resting because I don't feel so good. i'm thinking I may want to make some guidelines for character personalities eventually. I got like 4 days until November.

didn't do a lot today, was very tired and exhausted. jotted down notes and other small things.

no drawing today, kinda slipped away from me

did some more work on a story outline and worked out some technology details. One week left baby.

not a super productive day today. I briefly considered changing up people's name to fit more with an overall theme, but i don't have the full motivation to do it right now.

not a super productive day.

thought a lot about the personalities of certain characters and potential rivals. didn't do much writing.

started working on a story outline today, despite being nervous and unsure about it. i was hoping to give myself a roadmap. it went better than i thought. no telling what will happen when i start writing, though

worked on worldbuilding stuff. slowly coming together.

had a job interview today, so that consumed a lot of my thoughts today (uggh, those are fun)

anyway, i had to go and update the history and technology of the world.
at first, i had the idea that it was set up similarly to the way it is in this game called Heartbeat where humans were like aliens to this planet inhabited by Pokemon. I scrapped that idea since it didn't really feel...right to me?

I changed things up and started this world from scratch (all this happening like two weeks before november, lolol). The native people in this world lived with Pokemon since the beginning.

it's slowly coming together in a neat way. i always complain about world-building to my girlfriend but its definitely rewarding once you get a hold of what's going on. in the history of this Pokemon world, people used to think of Pokemon as magical creatures or gods. I use a lot of information from the Pokemon wiki, bulbapedia and answers that the creators and developers of Pokemon have given in interviews in regards to how they believe the Pokemon world functions.

idk, i'm a history nerd so thinking about how a society developed with pokemon is interesting to me.

i also did some research on native american cultures since i think that will be a big influence on the style of the region. you know, with it being the Pokemon version of the American west

i was actually gonna start writing story and plot notes, but i got kinda sidetracked figuring out what the technology looks like in this world. still counts, though.

on a side note, the main character's home life is starting to come together as i write out details about it. exciting.

i didn't actually write anything, but i made some mental notes about pacing and figuring out character relationships.

i guess you could say it doesn't count, but meh, i think it does. sometimes you gotta let something simmer before its ready

did more work on history. not much else was done today.

Won't post it here, but I worked on figuring out which Pokémon which characters have. There are some new Pokémon I want to design, but I will also use currently existing Pokémon to make things easier. (For example, I'm pretty sure Amber's first Pokémon will be a Riolu.)

I also did a bunch of timeline stuff. I'm a bit happier with it now than I was with the first version of history I did. Not sure if it'll stick, but I'm definitely in a better place than I was prior. It's interesting trying to make a region based on the American west without including America's...colorful history.

Working on a Pokémon-fanfic story for Nanowrimo.

Did work on consolidating characters info sheets and charts. It was a bit tedious, but I know the main rivals (right now I have the MC Amber, Calvin, Cindy, Lyn, and Celio), all gym leaders, at least 3 of the elite four and a few additional characters. I don't think I have time to draw, I'm-a tired.

Important to note: in this world there isn't a Champion because no one has managed to beat the Elite Four in four consecutive battles.