Submissions by Arcana tagged 119bpm

I reused the live set I created earlier this week for One Hour Compo because that's what happens when you're lazy but still want to make Weekly Music deadlines.

That all said it really isn't that simple. I redid the lead arp compared to the previous live song, I changed the lead timbre, and then I envisioned a better set of transitions and scene changes.

Song overall is pretty simple. I actually recorded a single take.

I really wanted to give the song a "chill", cyberpunk/electronic feeling, with a bit of groove and direction. That was the aim, I hope I made it!

A Techno Jam on my Eurorack, because when people think of Eurorack, they think of techno. (Or Ambient, or sheer noise, but this isn't one of those). I also used a pedal (Elektron Analog Drive) for the first time.

I am going to the modular meetup today so I decided to work on this instead of my other more produced songs. It's still nice to be able to jam out on the hardware since you can get cool sounds so quickly.

Featured synth voices and effects:

  • Dixie II+ and Polaris (Bass)
  • Cursus Iteritas + Morgasmatron (Arp)
  • ES352 + Springray + Analog Drive (Lead)
  • Kick is from BIA and Hats from Plonk