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I set out today to create an "epic orchestral electronic" track that might invoke images of a final boss battle in a video game.

I don't know if I quite got the "epic" down but it has a bunch of tension and stuff. The song is in A minor, it's 136 bpm, etc. etc. I don't really know what else to say about this yet.

if you do want to see the making of video, you can check it out at and look out for the May 2 video.

A kind of Eurythmics-inspired track that doesn't have quite the same catchy synth lead. I think I need to keep working on this a bit more, you might hear a re-recording next week.

Done live in Eurorack.

Bring me from life, bring me back to where I came to be.


i v7 VI III v -> VII (em/B G/B)

am em7j F C em/B G/B

i VII->VII VI v iv i V(maj)

am Gsus4—>G F em dm am/E E

Started this in One Hour Compo (Thursday 21:00-22:20). However I messed up and uploaded late by around 8 minutes.

I started another song and worked on it on Tuesday but it isn't very promising so I might do this one instead because the foundation is more solid and may lead to some more interesting things.

Sat Feb 11 11:30 - 13:20. A bunch of touching up bad sounds, adding some sections, redoing things.

This song needs a LOT more time. I might have to upload it because I don't have more time this weekend… but it.. you know how it is.

Sat Feb 11 22:05 - 22:40. One problem with analog synthesizers: if you take a break and come back to the song, the song sounds different because your instruments aren't quite warmed up.

I need to upload this. I'd like to spend more time on it but out of time this week. It needs more production touch ups, better mixing/compression, and some phase correction work, as well as more consistent drumwork and a stronger B section. So much to work on.

Total time: 3h 55m (including OHC time)


(Previous notes of an abandoned song)

Tuesday, Feb 7, 19:55 - 21:05. Starting early this week because my weekend will probably be busy.

I would like to work on song structure - specifically phrasing and transitions. A lot of my current work has really abrupt transitions and doesn't tell a solid "story".

Luckily there's a chapter in this book (The Everything Music Composition Book by Eric Starr) called "Telling a Story" that I can read.



So far, I'm not really feeling it as far as the "song structure". I like the retro vibe so far but I can't seem to get the lead part sounding right.