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More practicing with live loops and Eurorack modular that I created earlier this week. More breakbeat-style tracks.

Few things I learned:

  • I need more Octatrack scenes
  • Tetrapad vibrato is worth exploring
  • Octatrack patterns always seem to get messed up, and I have to pay attention to them
  • I don't have enough attention span yet to also play with the TR-8s's motion recording and effects blocks. Need to practice.
  • Having a verse-chorus structure will be nice one day, but maybe I should get the EDM->rise->drop->break structure down first. I usually construct the loops in OHC, so if I can get that down to 1 hr of time then I know that I got it practiced.

Maybe it's bright disco lights and dance party rave.


Sunday, Feb 5, 11:45 - 12:15. I may use a similar progression as last week's to (1) study it and remind myself what it's about and (2) to see if I can concentrate on stuff like smoothing out transitions.

Last week's notes:


Em Bm C/E G

Bassline melodics:

Em Dm Am B

I didn't really get a lot done in the first 30 minutes - did some browsing of music to get some ideas and poked around at the track a bit, but didn't really lay down anything concrete.

13:25 - 15:00. I don't think I have a lot of time this week (or next week) since I have errands to run, so I'll probably lazy-out this song a bit.

Chord progression:

V1: Em7 Bm7 C G

V2: Em7 Bm7 F#m Dm G Dm7

The chorus is more simple of course, as you can hear.

I didn't really develop this into a complete song… this is more of an idea sketch than a complete piece of music.

One thing I wanted to do was more "weird" noises. But in the end it does get more expansive and consonant.

Total time: 2h 05m (though 30m wasn't really spent composing).