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Almost forgot to upload this week.

Emotional note here is groovy with a hint of mystery and apprehension.

Another live song to polish up more live skills and arrangement skills. A common problem with me is that I don't create good lead sounds, so this is something I think I need to practice a bit more.

Last week I bought a uPlaits (by Tall Dog) and am trying out a few things now. It essentially takes the place of the E352, but I think the sounds are a little more musical and melodic. Some things I'm trying:

  1. More coordinated drops. I try silence in the middle, I don't think I quite succeed.
  2. More fills, to keep drums driving and interesting
  3. B sections in songs, even though they're in the same chord progression. In this one, I accidentally hit the octave up key midway for a track. It actually sounded good, so I left it. I actually wanted to bring up the next 16-step loop (which I also have).
  4. Sounds that are a little more coherent. Plaits just sounds good overall, but things seem to gel together a bit more.
  5. Ozone Elements to maximize everything. That's also a bit of a learning curve also.

Instruments used: Only the Eurorack! Main sound sources are BIA (kick/snare), Plonk (hat), Plaits (lead), Cursus Iteritas (arp), and Dixie II+ (bass).

Emotional tone, I wanted something exciting and groovy and danceable. That's usually not hard to do for me.

I reused the live set I created earlier this week for One Hour Compo because that's what happens when you're lazy but still want to make Weekly Music deadlines.

That all said it really isn't that simple. I redid the lead arp compared to the previous live song, I changed the lead timbre, and then I envisioned a better set of transitions and scene changes.

Song overall is pretty simple. I actually recorded a single take.

I really wanted to give the song a "chill", cyberpunk/electronic feeling, with a bit of groove and direction. That was the aim, I hope I made it!

I practiced a song for today's Eurorack modular meetup.

I'm cheating this week, it was my partner's birthday so I didn't really spend extra time making music.

This song was a live song on my modular with my Octatrack, my TR-8s (as has been usual for the past 3-4 weeks or so), and the Nintendo Switch. I actually changed up the patching a tiny bit to patch in a distorted input of "Corneria - Star Fox" from the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate playlist. You can barely hear it but it's there in the background and this song uses the same BPM and key. I suppose it's almost like a remix if it actually sounded anything like the original.

A live House-style jam with a few loops. It's about 7 minutes long. Mixing isn't perfect, there were a few loud parts that I didn't get to fix. A bit of compression post-recording to boost levels.

Done with 5 loops on the Octatrack, a bunch of drum parts on TR-8s, and some sequences on the Eurorack. I made the loops earlier this week for One Hour Compo, but that performance wasn't that good so I did it again.

I did my first live set in front of an audience. I prepared this for about two weeks and performed it last night (July 20, 2019) in front of an audience of about 10-15 attendees. Overall I got a lot of compliments afterward and even though I know I had mistakes during the set, no one seemed to notice.

I took the recording from a combination of an iPhone recording and a recording that was connected to the mixer because the recording on the mixer missed the introduction. I amplified and compressed the clean recording a little bit to increase the levels a little bit, but it's still a bit on the quiet side.

The total set is about 22 minutes long, so it's a bit on the long side for a WeeklyMusic submission. I hope that some of you check this out. Enjoy!

Unfortunately this weekend was pretty busy, and though I had some time on Friday I didn't have the foresight to record stuff for Weekly Music even though I actually put together stuff so I just recorded at like 11 PM at night.

I'm doing a live set on July 20th so I'm starting to prepare some material. Here's a live practice of sections 1 and 2. I have ideas for sections 3 and 4 and then still need to write section 5.

So for some reason I've never been able to do good electronic dance music and I think I figured out the reason: I wasn't creating risers properly!

I need to study up on my clich├ęs more, so here's some Big Room-ish House.

I also need to start finishing tracks so I might work on this more for next week. Arrangement isn't really finished yet and I need to definitely work on processing/sound selection/production.

Welcome again everyone (I took a 4 week hiatus).