Welcome 2019


Congratulations on everyone who has made it to 2019 (looks like there are only a few left!).

Just doing a yearly status update to remind everyone that Streak Club is still going, and if you're reading this then you should encourage your friends to try it out.

I haven't had much time to add any new functionality to the site this past year, but I did add Monthly Streaks for anyone that requested that.

As always, if there's something missing that you'd like to see on Streak Club, leave a reply.


I've been talking to the folks in my local life drawing group about streak club, and I'm hoping to see some new folks come in as a result! Looking forward to more streaking in the coming year!

Hello there, and thanks for doing this! It's super encouraging.

I typically post from android and see a few... Dunno if they're bugs? I still see streak 0 three days in, and I typically have to edit my submission since the uploaded image doesn't take in the first instance.

Yeah, I have just noticed this issue myself, and like, the images haven't been showing up. I've been posting from Windows.