Wow over a month without submitting already. I had meant to do a mini post-mortem on getting to a 2 year streak earlier, but I'll just throw in a few thoughts here.

Initially I had really noticed going to bed without submitting. I thought not having to rush something to draw at night would get me to bed earlier this last month, but of course that didn't happen.

Some positives:

  • having something regular to commit to was good for me, I tend to be bad with getting anything done otherwise. I have a lot of hobby things sitting on my todo list that I never seem to get done without something forcing me to be consistent.
  • I think I improved my art in some aspects, even if I didn't focus on improving and fundamentals as I should have. I definitely got more comfortable/confident. I probably wouldn't have forced myself to learn some blender either.
  • I got to fill a bunch of small sketchbooks with stuff and use different types of pens. I used to only doodle with pencils in high school so it's been neat using brush pens and markers and stuff (though almost no colours :) ). It's nice having something physical lying around that I've made.

Some stuff I could have done better:

  • I was guilty of a lot of times going "oh I haven't submitted today" then halfassing something (especially year 2 of the streak). While I don't think I needed to put in great work every day, I think my low effort days happened more often than they should have.
  • Leaving things to the last minute meant I would usually draw something comfortable and easy, I didn't push myself to improve at all. After the 1-year streak I made a list of things I'd like to work on and didn't really do any of it. Working on stuff I was comfortable with kept it fun, but since I was submitting every day a little more effort would have gone a long way.

Overall, really happy I made it to 2 years. Already a month into 2019 and I haven't done much aside from work so I'd like to get back into some art stuff and gamedev stuff. Not sure if I'm ready to get back to daily submissions, but I hope to be more proactive about working on my projects!


Thanks for the retrospective, nice to read. My personal experience is that I never regret pushing something out in time for the deadline, even if I'm not happy about the amount of effort I put into it. When you're not publishing consistently then easy it's to go long stretches without doing anything (I haven't written any music this year yet :()