lol switching gears and tried doing a family portrait of sorts

aromoma · 34 days ago

@Ashly i had in mind they had different expressions before the picture was taken. i may do an alternate version also

aromoma · 34 days ago

@Ashly LMAO

Ashly · 34 days ago

you really nailed the part of family portraits where everyone looks like they don't wanna be there haha

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this is more for me than for anyone else

my friend was like "draw her in a swimsuit" and i was like "you know that's a wonderful idea"

lazy doodle before bed

this very quickly went from "lemme just see how he looks" to "oh no he's hot"

amber's dad or something ugghh

i had to draw this you don't understand. i saw it ina dream

i got ambitious and designed like 4 outfits for her but only had the energy to finish one

in the first pic, amber's the one in the middle. on the left is ochre and right is umber (their name roughly correlates to their eye color lmao). i drew it fast and sloppy because it was partially for me to figure out how they looked

on the bottom is jade (left), japser (middle), and chalcedony (right)

minor tweaks but i was real eager to throw color down

i can't believe i actually sat here and drew everyone

rough size chart of errbody
ps. wtf are feet

did sketches of some side characters. trying to shake the dust off my skills

i actually kinda like her eyes being closed more but i needed them open for reasons

like a ghost i return

they are supposed to be siblings to the main boy. first is the oldest and second is the youngest (who is supposed to look like baby even though they were all born on the same day lmao) i was too focused on making them look correct to really care about colors...

i can't make this look correct and i give up

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