Submissions from 2020-12-28 to 2020-12-29 (6 total)

tried going back to real people, after doing pose maniacs. I don't know if it's helped

gesture course lessons 2 & 3

I'm not gonna post because artblock and- sorry, I will post something when I will ca but rn I just want to shoot myself when I open my sketchbook

Value (how dark or light) and contrast (difference between two values)

Positive space (what your object is) and negative space (everything else)

Shading of 5 Basic Geometric Shapes, with light source in top left

  1. Cube - flat faces
  2. Sphere - circle when unshaded. shadows and highlights give it 3D illusion. roundd shadows.
  3. Cylinder - part flat, part rounded like sphere
  4. Cone - like a cylinder, but tapers to the top point
  5. Pyramid - none of the middle value. just lighter and darker.