Submissions from 2018-01-02 to 2018-01-03 (17 total)

maybe one day i will have a pompadour so fierce

  • 15 minutes dedication
  • #pico8 colors (all)
  • 20x18 pixels canvas
  • Theme: characters that I love

Using 3dcoat to sculpt a rock then retopo to a lower poly game ready asset

A submission for Daily Art

photo reference used

this actually took about 3 days (due to my insistent parents that I "go outside") and started out as a simple sketch of (my husband) lafayette from the hamilton musical, but it got out of hand when i told myself, "hey, why not try and paint?"

overall i'm quite happy with how this turned out! i'm fairly new to this coloring style and i'm really glad that i'm developing it cx

(1/3/2017) (noting because the timezone here doesn't seem to be aligned with mine)

didn't draw anything for a very long time

Tired. Kizuna Ai is delightful. Onward...

She celebrating the new year right!


A submission for Daily Art