Submissions from 2021-11-01 to 2021-11-08 (9 total)

Some sort of remembrance piece for someone in my past. It has a (european) doom metal opening riff but I don't find the piece depressing, more like energetic, a call to push through all the shadows. Guitar, bass, drums - back to the core.

Another piece put together on a sunday evening with the minilogue xd as source for the synth sounds and LABS for the drums. Not much inspiration for a track, let alone a title.

High quality on Soundcloud:

A drone piece that symbolizes my cat's stomach because it's deep and bottomless.

Created on the Arturia Minibrute 2s using their "drone" patch from the cookbook that comes in the manual.

Tried doing industrial/glitch metal. I had a lot of fun with the sound design, but I'm still struggling to get a clear, un-muddied bass a lot of the time.

I've had this chord progression in the head for a while but didn't know what I could do with it. This sounds rather like a jam than anything else and it's been a bit frustrating to not be able to make something more polished with this, I've felt annoyed on so many levels, my playing, the sound, the mix, somehow the track seemed to request more work than I could give it this week. I might keep working on this someday. Guitars and bass through Line6 Helix, drums is EZDrummer2.

This is an outtake from this week's livestream jam session, and I hope it shows how much better it is to jam along with someone else (although noodling alone has its perks!)

High quality on Soundcloud:
Full jam session and other related stuff here:

Here's a slightly derivative track this week. I had a few light and fun melodies which I mixed in one track, poured some samples, stirred a little and here's this... thing. It's not bad, it's not very good either, but it kinda flew together in a random fashion. The process was not unpleasant.

Also, whales.

someone talked me into doing some hip hop beats over the week, it was interesting and fun. I seem to fall into the "dark trap" category most easily,

(ack, had this cued up Sunday and never hit submit)

Another four-track all-guitar thing, again very loose. I'm working toward something with these, and while this one doesn't get there, it's a step. Four channels of PureSalem Mendiola, one of them through Balls Effects KWB, all of them with varying degrees of convolution reverb.

The title comes from the "beginning" association of the surat Al-Alaq.