Submissions from 2021-10-25 to 2021-11-01 (9 total)


A submission for Weekly Music 2021 43

Finally made a rock one that I like :))). The solos in this song are significantly less stilted than the ones in previous attempts. I also think I got the drum/bass mixing a lot better in this one (but let me know if there's any muddiness I could clean up -- I'm still learning to recognize it). Lots of little problems in the performance of this one, but I wrote the entire thing today after scrapping the rest of the material I was working on this week, so I'm not too upset about them :P

Tried to make this kind of stream of consciousness harmonic mess with repetitive but out of sync loops out of last part of the streamed jam session that I did last Tuesday.
It's not perfect but I am happy with how it came out.

High quality here:

Full jam session here:

I moved this week and the minilogue xd was the first instrument I got my hands on while rummaging through stuff to come up with a track today. This week's piece consists of three parts on the minilogue, using the synth's internal effects and shaping the sound / effects live as I recorded. It kind of grew on me.

Soundcloud for high quality:

Well I would also have loved to spend more time with that cello from last week but now I am back to the old place so...synths :) I am also continuing my experiments with inserting live snippets of random radio stations to create another level of unexpectedness.

A generative Eurorack song. I did touch this one while it was recording, but in general it'll just go do its thing for as long as you want.

Yes, I streamed it, you can see it at the usual place (

I was stuck at Sagami station this Sunday for the whole day - without a computer and not even having started the track for the week. I therefore resorted to what I had in my pocket - my phone to record street sounds, Thai restaurant music, train station, a guy collecting money for cats, an Indian chef slapping the nans, etc. I added some drums and some arps and here you go. Put together quickly, super rough not only on the edges but really everywhere. It does not sound really good in any way, but I like that it will remind me of that day I spent, stuck in Sagami.

Not much time this week, I wanted to have a look at Bespoke Synth, and it's a really cool piece of software. It tried to go for a non-cycling, semi-random track, and this track is the result of that. It's not really good, but I will try to investigate that further in the future, I guess even random generative tracks still require a lot more preparation so that it doesn't sound like your cat is randomly walking on your midi controllers while your dog is scratching the pads of a drum machine.

Back on a sorta synthpop kick. I also finally downloaded Valhalla SuperMassive, wonderful reverb and echo for free!

This week continues the guitar-only approach: three tracks of guitar (though there's a fourth channel I used to cover note tails for smoother edits). Guitar was PureSalem Mendiola, straight into the Focusrite, with no inline processing of the different channels, but everything had some convolution reverb (same concert-hall-sized impulse). There's the Wide&Warm preset for multiband compression.

Title comes from the 95th Section of Swedenborg's The Worlds in Space, in which he describes that as a representation of the inhabitants of Mars.