Submissions from 2021-09-27 to 2021-10-04 (10 total)

I think this is kind of cheating since you're supposed to make a new track every week for Weekly Music, but I am actually learning things by picking up from where I left off last week.

A few cool things in this track:

  • I sampled stuff on encouragement from my stream viewers. Specifically, one of the shakers is me biting on a Cheez-It and one of the crashes/risers is the shaking of a Cheez-It bag
  • I learned how to use operators in Bitwig, which is a way to procedurally trigger notes and stuff
  • I have recorded a little bit of voice (it's the backing choir-like pads). It's not that great and can use some more takes, but it was an idea

As usual I streamed this (

another quick one -- more of an idea than anything else... I'm not a huge fan of this one, but I guess it's relatively complete at least :\

EDIT: i had forgotten to master the track ! Now done and updated, here and on Soundcloud.

This track is nothing like I had planned. I was in a rush and designed a drum sound set on the Digitone (which you can hear in this track), planning to add some bass licks to make it a groove sketch and call it a day. After recording the bass, I ended up adding some layers of weird choirs and fluttering strings. The result is pretty weird and I think the intro sounds a lot like a track I made earlier this year.

High quality on Soundcloud:

Trying to get back into VCVRack again, this was basically an afternoon's work.

Well, I've been working on a track called "Transition" but right before finishing an error made the bass guitar recording unusable (as well as a synth track glitch). Don't have time right now to redo-it so here's the usual backup acoustic guitar improv to go along for the week :)

This one ends my acoustic guitar / DADGAD tuning trilogy. It's been very challenging for me to write, transcribe, practice, record and edit. It took 6 or 7 takes, and some editing to piece that together, remove a few string noises that were too loud, there's even an edit mistake that I think takes a 16th note out of one of the patterns. The tune is made of a few patterns with alternating odd and even meters. This time I didn't add anything more than the guitar track and a few effects. I will probably keep working on this one to be able to play it better.

I started this track very late - i had barely the start of something on Saturday night. By Sunday night, I had something that I quite enjoy but that would deserve one more day of listenings, of the dreams erring around and letting the track evolve and morph further. It is still pretty raw but it has the promise of something interesting. I'll return to it.

two layers of crappy finger drumming (one ezdrummer, one ableton stock "blueprint kit" plus a four count shaker loop to tie it together
bass through camelcrusher as always
guitar through guitarrig5 plus ableton stock reverb and delay for the "lead"

I was thinking a bit about the work of Charalambides--the idea of two guitars with delay working up some fuzzy ambience. In tracking, though, I found it going in a more clearly defined chordal and less loosely-timed direction.

This one's just five tracks of PureSalem Mendiola through Balls Effects KWB, with different amounts of gain. There are two convolution reverbs: one "experimental" ABLCR Timelapse, and one more conventional large hall. The stereo output went through Wide&Warm compression/EQ.

The title is from a method of verifying Messier's recorded position for M91.