Submissions from 2021-08-16 to 2021-08-23 (11 total)

This one is preparation for a Eurorack Set that I'm going to play live for Modular On The Spot in the city next week Saturday. The set is about 25m long so this song is also pretty long. Sorry about that.

This one is a live performance.

I also streamed this performance (actually, streamed a couple of practice runs).

I dunno, but I kinda like this one :)

I've had loads of fun designing the sounds for this track (FM scratch-like beat, anyone?) and worked a bit differently this week. I've tried to plan ahead how the soundset and patterns would be played live so every sound is played on one of the four Digitone tracks (one track has all the drums as step locks).
I captured the live playing (almost live, had to redo a bit) in Ableton and added some effects before mixing. It's still minimal pattern change / knob twisting but I had a good kick out of playing it.

Soundcloud for better quality:

This short track is another one made with Caustic on my phone. It has a light hearted feeling to it, maybe because the sun has been shining almost everyday since I moved to a new place, and everything is so peaceful here. It may sound a bit bland an generic, but that's how it came out. Probably my last track using Caustic on my phone for now, as my workspace/music space is now almost functional.

More experiments with the QY100. I tried an approach where I copied the song structure from another track that I like (

I like the sound in general, but I should have focused a little more on making the drums more interesting with varied rhythms and some percussion sounds. Better luck next time.

High quality on Soundcloud:

I had no inspiration to finish a track I've been working on this week so I just picked up my acoustic guitar and recorded this minutes ago :) Better to do something than nothing and giving something a break will surely benefit.

This is a track about the end of summer. The height of season is behind us, the sun is lowering in the sky. This is about sitting on the beach, with the feet in the water, a broken sandcastle near you, as waves slowly take it away.

"Les pieds dans l'eau" means "feet in the water" in French.

I wanted to go with this slow jazz/bossa nova feel, it kinda naturally went to a slightly melancholic atmosphere. There is a basson that sometimes doubles the contrabass or is even alone. The idea came from listening to Emir Kusturica and especially the track "In the Death Car", used as the main track for Arizona Dream.

I like this track as it's different and a bit more subtle than my usual arp filled bombastic breakbeat tracks.

Something totally different this week. I have found that listening to really minimal ambient music really helps me disconnect and relax, get into the mood for a good sleep. So I decided to make my own sounds. Uploading this mainly because it's music and I made it this week although I really did make this for my own personal use and don't really expect anyone to listen to it.

these are two looping songs where i like the sound enough to submit it here : )

A friend sold me his Montreal Assembly Count to Five pedal, so that's featured on this week's track. I did a few ambient improvs with that (with home-built Res-O-Glas and CMI E-200 guitar strung with Nashville high tuning), and added Ableton's 64 Pad Kit Jazz drums, and a pass with 80s Epiphone Embassy II bass.

Sends: two convolution reverbs and one echo.

Title comes from the asterism with this name containing M85.

i went camping this week :)