Submissions from 2015-08-04 to 2015-08-05 (4 total)

Added a few effects to the game. Stuff can now die, which means I finally have a real videogame on my hands!

Now the orc can run around without a sword or shield. Or just a sword. Since you will have to find them in the game. This should have been a simple process if I'd thought about it and made the sword and shield on their own individual layers so I could have just hidden them. But of course I didn't.

I was going to animate them, but its too late and I'm tired, so you'll have to imagine it.

Missed a bunch of these but I was out of ideas. heres something new

A submission for Make games. 192

On game start, loads whatever scene I ended on. Let's me quickly repeatedly test something, but I still have the menu to load something else and test other things when it's time to move on.