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Improved my weapon system, so that i can combine any weapons into "combo weapons". Here's a preview:

Didn't get as much done as I would have hoped today, but that is mainly because I had to spend ages reworking how patients and mainly the waiting areas are drawn and processed when multiple floors come into play. I still don't have addable/changeable floors minus the initial room I set at the start of the game for testing, but I feel that by the end of tomorrow I will have it working for atleast 2 floors, and past that I am unsure as I will have to work out how to handle it (presumebly with a panning camera).

Update Details:

  • Added 2 floors (very broken)
  • Changed the way patients and the waiting room work

Tomorrows Planned Update:

  • Finish the first two floors
  • Improve placeholders (if I have the time)

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Fiew, not much activity there from my part…

I had a big computer crash wednesday and I had to reinstall a lot of packages and rebuild some of my tools, it took me some time. Also, my dad has been sent to the hospital and needed me… Not much time for making games sadly.

But there! I’m back! And I found part of the reason that lead to the bug I talked about earlier. It was just me being stupid about threads (I had the main thread sleeping for some time between frames for testing, and forgot removing that -_-). Now the game is running quite well. I still see some timing fluctuations but it’s not that much of a problem right now.