Submissions from 2015-06-27 to 2015-06-28 (4 total)

A submission for Make games. 154

Status: apple sucks I hate apple (okok they have really good designers but apple sucks.)

A submission for Make games. 154

I spent some time on a new particle system, and improving the way explosions look. I'm not very happy with it yet, so i won't post a pic today. Sorry :(

I'm making some real progress on my point and click adventure game. As I design and start to implement things and as I do more research in the Inca culture I'm starting to change how the puzzles in the game are going to work. The goal of the fist chapter of the game is to "open the door to the temple" and originally the player was going to have to find a bunch of pieces and assemble an icon n the door to have it open. Then after some additional research I learned that the Inca didn't have a written language. So communicating ideas to the player is tricky when there is no way to write anything. So now I'm going with a "random images carved that the player will have to determine what they mean" approach that I'm hoping will work out.

Finally started working on something that I feel I can expand on for more than a few days.

The game is called "Treatment Tower". The aim is to manage your tower every week by adding new rooms/floors that facilitate different treatments. After you are finished modifying your tower you must treat waves of patients for a week before being able to make modifications to the tower again. You treat patients by playing a tiny minigame depending on the treatment the patient needs, and you must complete the patients treatments before they run out of patience and leave, meaning you must manage the order of the patients you treat in order to keep them all happy.

That is the general basics of the game I have in mind currently. I have only started this yesterday so I currently only have the bare-bones of 1 minigame, and there are still general modifications needed besides the minigames, such as the ability to add/change floors, since currently I just have a treatment seat and a few waiting seats for testing purposes.

Update Details:

  • Randomly spawning patients
  • Waiting room for the patients (they leave instantly if this room is full)
  • Ability to call the next patient to the treatment room
  • Dentist - Teeth Removal minigame (still needs a pain threshold)

Tomorrows Planned Update:

  • Add another minigame
  • Add additional/changeable floors
  • Improve placeholder graphics
  • Make a presentable webm for the update