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A submission for Make games. 145

So Mathf.Slerp looks pretty good for homing projectiles...

A submission for Make games. 145

Whow, super streak break. :/

I'm having a hard time working on LOL nn curry, I don't see real progress so I'm not staying motivated, sadly…

That's why today I'm starting a very simple game, I'll try to be as carefree as possible to program this one in order to stay away from code mental blocks (it appends way too often…).

I don't really know where I'm going with this yet, I'll try to make it as fun as possible to build and play. :D

A submission for Make games. 145

I've decided to go with random room generation instead of making the maps by hand. I had the code basically done from a prototype I worked on almost a year ago, so I decided to implement it to see how it would look. Basically I just have a list of the tilemaps, store them in an array then set them based on their exits. It's kinda like The Binding of Isaac since the rooms aren't random, there's just a list of pre-existent rooms and I just set them accordingly. This is kinda cool but I hope it doesn't become too complicated for me later.

My plan is to have the tilemaps load when the level starts, but not the items. I'll try to load them as the player walks into each room.

edit: I'm aware of the door bug btw, but it's intended since i haven't made the events to check if the player left the left/right side of the screen yet