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My first streak club post!

I've began working on this new game today, based on a game I made for GBJAM3 that you can play here:

I want to expand on this concept and add co-op so it becomes more like Goof-Troop for the SNES with some puzzles mixed with action. Unfortunately no online co-op though because I'm using Construct 2 and I couldn't get the code to work properly without a massive ammount of input delay, which would never work with this kind of game.

For now I'll be working only with mock-ups. Then I'll ditch the original game's code and rewrite everything because it's a complete mess since I had to make the whole thing in less than a week.

A submission for Make games. 130

Had a concert to go to last night so broke the streak. Oh well. I've been thinking about Erik a lot, and playing a game called Deadly Premonition which has given me a few ideas for it. Later today I am going to design a third "situation" module, or whatever I am going to call them. They are like a combination of puzzles, ai routines, events, and conversations. They are the core gameplay I believe. On their own they won't be terribly interesting, but when there are several going off at different times in any given scene, that's where the game should get interesting!

Also, I added two editors to MyBacklog that kind of complete the package in my mind. The emulator path editor where you can choose an emulator for each type of system, and the source editor where you can add emulator systems or storefronts you want to track. Every bit of functionality that I envisioned for a release version is now there. You can download the updated setup (though still tagged as version 0.25) at the same place:

After I get some feedback from you guys and a few other testers, I'll move on to the polishing/documentation phase. Documentation... probably just a youtube video showing how I use it will be what the kids want these days :P But I really think this program may have value for some people. The GoG sale is today, and I saw comments on multiple forums about "well, this is nice, but I don't buy games outside of steam because I like to have all my games in one place." Ugh. People are so quick to sell their freedom for convenience.