Submissions from 2015-05-29 to 2015-05-30 (5 total)

Woo, since the site was down I was unable to submit. I made really good progress yesterday too!

  • Bugfixing
  • More bugfixing
  • Yet more bugfixing
  • the 80/20 rule is so true,
    • 90/10?
    • the closer I get to the end, the more bugs I seem to find!
  • There was a bug with adding games, I fixed that and went ahead and added icons to the add games menu (seen in the gif)
  • Also seen in the gif, I added widgets to some of the edit fields to prevent corrupt data from being entered
  • Changed from numerical priority to a list of set priorities - will be easy at a later time to let the user choose their own priority settings
  • Simplified grid interaction - previously allowed editing there but it's a lot of extra work to support editing in two places
  • Changed some of the "edit" metaphors into buttons, for instance the shiny new green "finish" button
  • May release an alpha today. May wait a week and let it continue to bake.

A submission for Make games. 125

Ok, so, I'm really sorry I'm posting this without any game work done, but I really want to show off. Try out the chat again at:

Here's a picture if you're too lazy:

For Trigger Rally, I started analyzing the user interface of comparable video games to learn and teach. LP videos are great but they don't focus on UI of course.



A submission for Daily Art Make games. 125

Thinking about making an exploration game set in outer space.

I found a space ship on blendswap and decimated the parts, and a skybox in the unity assetstore to get an idea about the visual style.

The skybox is by Bright Shining Star and spaceship model by thecali (Blend Swap).