Submissions from 2015-05-11 to 2015-05-12 (7 total)

A submission for Make games. 107


Continued experimenting with tasks data change. Also, tried to import my new copy of grim fandango from steam, and noticed it was not being added to the list. I realized that through all of the recent data conversions I had not updated any of the import functions :( Spent some time cleaning those up. And then played Grim Fandango :P


Designed some "modules". Little actually written. More in my head, thinking of how I can more easily boil down the gameplay elements. I know there will be some kind of process of: design a module; implement module through: tiled, event, conversation, and possibly a new type of thing; and then tweak it from there. But I haven't narrowed the gap yet. What I'm calling a module is essentially a series of actions a specific npc tries to take when certain conditions are met. Currently, there is a kind of "entry" to the module (when the npc starts attempting this process), then a series of states where a success moves onto the next state. Certain actions by other characters (or player) may either cause a state to fail, or be delayed. And then, sometimes certain conditions will change to a different state, or loop back.

Yup. Certainly looks like a finite state machine to me. This leads me to think it may be a good idea to implement it that way. However, I already have events, conversations, and behavior trees, which are all like their own mini scripting languages. Does it really make sense to implement yet another type of thing? Another option would be to build the modules into the existing behavior trees. Either through ai having separate high-level/low-level BTs (one determines which stage of the module we are in, with the low-level tree handling movement and reactivity); or just having a part of the existing BT check/change module stages.

Will have to think about this more. I'm at the stage where it's less and less useful to just start coding, and it pays to do a bit more up front planning.

Split my flocking component into multiple behavior components. This should help in the future, when I need the AI to change from staying with the herd, to finding cover, to attacking full force. Other than that, not much has been done though, mostly because I've been playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm lately...

A submission for Make games. 107

Fixed a couple bugs, been bad, playing with dynamic websites using Nodejs (with a cool haxe library) instead of gamedev, I always get sucked into stuff like this, especially if I've never tried it before:/

Super super hacky html-only(literally refreshes the page every 3 seconds, and has to have logic so the scrolling doesn't reset when it does that ahahaha) anonymous chat client:

More art

A submission for Make games. 107

Short streak today, because I attended a local game dev meetup after work. I drew more pixels for that new trap (the one I don't want to reveal yet) and started working explosions, because video games.

A submission for Make games. 107

Added HUD. It just displays the life right now, but it's something.

I didn’t do much today.

Still working a bit on the physics. I’m trying to use integers everywhere now, since I’m not too confident with floating point numbers (I tend to have quite a lot of problems with them…).