Submissions from 2015-04-30 to 2015-05-01 (6 total)

A submission for Make games. 96

Two small changes:

Previously the ai would only walk. I've modified the chase behavior to make them run while it is active. As it uses the same code as the player to do the run, an ai chasing you will eventually run out of energy and slow down. I may need to add some smarts to the ai for when it's a good idea to run, and when it's better to conserve energy. Maybe a genetic function?

I also actually implemented the burning logic in the campfire, so it can burn all the way out. For now it just deletes the campfire item, but it's suitable enough for testing. You can add logs to extend the time it sticks around.

Optimally solving the opening scene will definitely involve getting enough logs to feed the campfire before night, which includes deciding who is the best member of the group to be assigned to collecting the logs. Perhaps I can set up some kind of dichotomy, where some people are more observant to see optimal firewood, but perhaps can't carry as much in one trip - and then others are stronger to carry it but are not as good at finding it. And then set up a vote where - unsurprisingly - the players vote is the deciding one.

UI stuff

A submission for Make games. 96

Mostly went through Haxe tutorials on how to create custom GUIs. Useful, since HaxePunk doesn't have built-in UI classes. Eventually, the gui will find its way into MGS, but it may be awhile before things are working correctly again.

So now the physics of the game are working correctly, the cat can jump, and the code to randomly generate new buildings is coming along nicely. The art is looking ok.


  • Main Menu/Start Screen (probably will be combined into the game screen
  • Game over state (substate over this one)
  • Saved local high scores


  • Music
  • SoundFX
  • Varied buildings (Canabalt has cool windows and building interiors you can run through).
  • Extra background elements
This is a weekly game, so I'm probably not going to hit any of the wants. The Needs are looking a little sketchy at this point, honestly. I'm traveling this weekend.


A submission for Make games. 96

Did an art pass on some things today. I'm still really not sure where i'm going on the art side. I'm still learning the basics of pixel art and I'm really bad at choosing and combining colors.

A submission for Make games. 96

added a couple more options to the skinning process, now physics can be affected a bit by the skin functions, hence animated physics:D this will be cooler farther down the line, when hopefully, if you can imagine, the top of a plant could bulge in and out slowly, and the larger the bulge the heavier that part of the plant would act.