Submissions from 2015-04-26 to 2015-04-27 (4 total)

While I'm not completely happy with my first music track, at this point I probably need to work on the actual game again, since it hasn't been updated in awhile. So here's the current form of "Hit the Streets", we'll call it version 0.7 for now.

Hit the Streets (125 BPM).ogg1mb

Away from my computer right now. Made an extremely basic space shooter using public domain assets. Wasn't feeling particularly inspired. Will build and upload later.


A submission for Make games. 92

Yesterday, I ventured out into the sun for way too long and got my forearms grilled and toasty. Yay sunburns! Moral of the story: less outside, more programming.

I started messing with another way to discourage the player from going too high. I don't really like the skull idea because it adds some interface to a game that has none (and I like simplicity). Instead, I wrote a version wherein the platforms move faster if the player is above the center of the screen. This way, it gets obviously more dangerous to go up there.