Submissions from 2015-04-20 to 2015-04-21 (4 total)

Finished a pdf game for Ludum Dare 32 theme "An Unconventional Weapon". This is my first time submitted a pdf game to Ludum Dare.

It took a lot of time thinking the concept of the game especially the limitation of pdf game. I took 2 days which caused me had no time for Compo. So, I took the Jam. After struggling for 1 day, the game is finished.

The game is about helping a knight with line weapon who is assigned to defeat the demon by clicking the proper action. To play this game, you need a pdf reader (which computers today has already installed) like adobe reader, foxit reader 7.x, or chrome's built-in pdf reader.

You can download the game here: A Knight and A Line.

So none of these are actually done, but I said I would post music, so I'm gonna post music! Anyway, here's a couple of idea I've thrown together for MGS. I still don't really feel these fit the game's atmosphere, but I think I may not have as clear a concept as I thought.

MGS 00.ogg1mb
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MGS 01.ogg1mb
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MGS 02.ogg992kb
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A submission for Make games. 86

Edit: hey all 59 of you, get back to work!;)

Finally sorted out getting traps and enemies to save in level files.


A submission for Make games. 86

I improved the physics for my CharacterController. I realized that I was multiplying things by Time.deltaTime squared, which led to some weird things.

The game feels very good now, and I'm hyped to be working on this. Sorry about the hush-hush.