Submissions from 2015-04-06 to 2015-04-07 (5 total)

A couple of weeks ago I was in a game jam. That's unimportant though, what's important is that afterwards I was inspired to create a simple demo with Mecha in it. Mecha Gunbuster Squad will be that demo. And maybe more...

Lots of behind-the-scenes work was accomplished today. I wrote an actual state machine that's easy to attach to any entity, and now it's just of matter of implementing it on the enemies and peons. It's implemented on the player and deleting a ton of 'if' statements and booleans was very satisfying. Nothing to show, though, since the player acts the same :P

On the art side, I added a couple of frames to the player sprite, so that they're holding a tablet device when deciding what to build. I also pixeled some walls, as you can see below.

A submission for Make games. 72

Got nice save/load native dialogs, and reopening last file and such, trying to make the editor feel more like real software.

I'm building an online, single player vs CPU version of a classic card game in javascript. I've written the game logic most of the way out and tested it, just getting the interface up and running now. Baby steps.


Two eyes

A submission for Make games. 72

I'm making a js library to go w/ Google Cardboard