Submissions from 2015-01-30 to 2015-01-31 (8 total)

Looked into Hitbox for streaming because they advertise about a 2 second delay compared to Twitch's 18. Unfortunately they don't use IRC, but HTML5 websockets instead. So I either need to design around the longer delay, giving me an easier setup, or research websockets and how to connect and read the chat data from them.

Since I hit that roadblock tonight I decided to draw/write out some ideas to get something in for today's streak submission. These are just general things that I talked about with some of the other team members at work today. I'm glad I at least jotted them down so I don't forget them.

A submission for Make games. 6

Taking a break from the hard stuff, I decided to just throw down some basic mechanics for the bear trap. I had to add a little bit of extra stuff to the item system - I had dropping, but you couldn't interact with the item on the ground at all, or pick it back up again.

Here, we drop the trap down and set it in front of the npc who is trying to say her next line in the cutscene. At the end I decide to free her, pick up the trap, and let her finish :P

Just finished the prototype, cranking out the documentation by the end of the weekend. Hoping to have it all done by tomorrow.

I've been struggling with a concept for a few days now and haven't managed any to get any commitable code done, but thinking time counts right? :p

To compensate I worked on a draft for my next couple of blog posts about this sprints developments and why I'm developing my game in Elm.

Today I implemented the Slime enemy's animation.

So I feel accomplished.

It still isn't finished (there are no enemies yet, and the floor layout isn't randomized yet), but I have got the item pickups working, and the rooms are randomized. Doors appear when there's a room adjacent to the one currently occupied. When you go into a door, the room in that direction is randomly chosen from a list of 5 room designs, but then when you leave and reenter it doesn't randomize again.

Things are going pretty well.

First stages of integrating the Photon Cloud network into my game.

Sadly I do not have much time today, so I just made new textures, which I would've made anyway. I'll do something bigger tomorrow. And for the next two weeks I won't have much time for programming, so I'll probably just make new levels and textures