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So I feel accomplished.

It still isn't finished (there are no enemies yet, and the floor layout isn't randomized yet), but I have got the item pickups working, and the rooms are randomized. Doors appear when there's a room adjacent to the one currently occupied. When you go into a door, the room in that direction is randomly chosen from a list of 5 room designs, but then when you leave and reenter it doesn't randomize again.

Things are going pretty well.

I decided to take a day break from WORMHOLE because I didn't want to get burned out from it. So I decided to experiment with making a random game that might be a bit outside of my ability, just to learn some stuff. So, I had been playing a lot of the Binding of Isaac (original+Wrath of the Lamb, only have $10 on steam. Goddamn those $5!) and decided I'd try that out. I've managed to make the health system work, which means that picking up other items like keys, bombs, and money will also work. I've been struggling so far to figure out how to make the floors, even before I try to make them random. I'll probably figure that out sometime in the next week or so. The half heart on the left increase health by 1 half heart, the right half heart decreases health by 1 half heart, and the bottom full heart increases by 1 full heart.

I did a lot of bugfixing today for my second game, WORMHOLE. I can't really attach a screenshot of it or anything because they were mostly getting stuck to walls, things not appearing correctly, or fail/restart points on some levels not working correctly. I finished Act 1 yesterday and decided I'd celebrate with some bugfixing!

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