Started 3 years ago (2016-01-03T07:00:00Z).
Ended 2 years ago (2016-12-31T07:00:00Z).

Try to get something done on your game project every day. It can be as small as figuring out a bug with the intent to fix it the next day or as big as adding a whole feature. "Small efforts sustained over time can produce significant results."

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- Fixed bug where Sprite didnt load

- Ai for added (no use right now)

Started a new Projekt today ;) little RPG

todays things:

- Movement

- Unit Colission

- Sprites (all 8 direction [up, up-left, up-right, down, down-left, down-right, left, right,])

- Draw those Sprites Correct! (bug where the Sprites doesnt Appear) WIP

Came up with an idea for the mechanical implementation of the hover-half of my game. Explored a bit and documented. Todo: modeling thereof.

Autogrid required turning off a parent scrollview to prevent being messed with during its resizing. This is now not necessary because of a vaguely clever trick.

(small progress. But progress!)

I'm making a box that arranges all the other boxes into a box and it looks like the boxes people are used to seeing on the boxes they carry around in their pants-boxes or their canvas back-boxes or their cute-leather-strap-boxes and then use their boxes to send boxes with letters in them to other people's boxes.

Maybe about a boxing match.

spent the afternoon watching game design YouTube videos. Also, came up with a name for a game studio, which doesn't seem to be taken: Hold Right! Or Hold Right Games or something. We'll see where we go from here.

thought up another puzzle for TBLY, recorded and did some initial research on how to implement

Made some progress on the first pass on the documentation

I finished fixing the issues with the BlackMagic example project. And took the time to fix a few things I felt were inconsistent about how the ContentMeta stored the gameobjects.
Also added a feature that allows mods to overwrite content from other mods by using the same content ID. For this feature to fully work I will have to implement a load-order and mod-dependency feature. But I'll be doing that at a later time when its actually needed.

Fixed a really crazy bug in my code that I have been fighting with for a few days. Also removed the systems dependency on a messaging framework. Replaced it with C# events.