A star warrior & her friends, the star triplets, get ready to battle a fallen star

Had to cut off her feet. I had one very good loafer, but couldn't draw the other one ;_;

Inspired by the view from my window at night. Turned out slightly spookier than I thought it would.

wanted to do a fantasy magical girl

need to start earlier next week!

I has an artblock recently and could not come up with anything more original than the simple elemental magic girl design.

Ran out of time to color this properly :>

just a sketch this week. Girl w/squirrel shoulderpads

I made it before the deadline this week!

Based off the lady in the moon and the rabbit!

i thought a magical girl with a shepherd's crook would look nice

Gotta start practicing curly hair.

Why not finish off this awesome streak with one of my favourite magical girls? Aaaah, i really enjoyed this streak. I wish it can be longer.

a quick drawing of a magical girl who's tiny and loves flowers!