Trash Child: Me. I have to wear black pants and shoes for work, but my jacket is also black. I don't even like black very much.

Been working on a killer essay for school; haven't had time to really spend drawing. But it's done now, hooray!

Need to do laundry at some point, gotta up that fashion game.

Another really busy day, unfortunately. There is magic here but i don't think a 2min sketch really does it justice :P

Puffy coats are great, tho

A submission for #streakclubfashion 81

really hard to get an outfit on paper :D but i'll have fun trying every day

As if I was going to take off my pajama's on my day off.

not feeling very stylish today…

I was drawing a thing and it rapidly become a Detailed Painting. I'm baffled. Also, I was totally wearing that outfit today, two in one. :> Obv it is a WIP, I'll finish it later when my brain isn't sort of melting out of my ears.