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mnapoleon - loppnuggs.mp34mb

Those funny people sure look funny. Suburbia is never going to be the same.

Made in about an hour to see if I could.

y palemoon.mp314mb

Hardbass devolving into happy hardcore.

02 Fukaina.mp39mb

Simple F# major that orbits around the tempo.


Well for over 2/3 of the month I was travelling arround USA and now i'm back after some time away and relaxing well maybe too much as i started this with 5 hours left on the clock and well hour later here a little something. out of relaxation mode and back to crunch time.

P.s i had to drag myself away from Kingdom hearts 3 for this XD

Whispering On My Own Way.mp31mb

Hi, this is a thing i made.

Inu no fue = Dog whistle.

Inu no fue.mp35mb

Ah, the start of a new year! Thought I should finally dig out Famitracker and make some new tunes. I'm still really inspired by Virt but I'm not sure I'll be able to match his skill any time soon. Enjoy!


Here begins my journey to make 12 vocal song remixes for 2019.
Original Song

I really dig this song and its overall atmosphere, but one problem I found myself facing is that it pretty much only has one melody.
Also, I rarely work with vocals so I struggled quite a bit with making this. The latter part feels a little bit unnecessary, but at the same time it was important to not leave that last bit of lyrics aside.

What does SHD stand for? It's for the big brains to figure out.


First song using Fruity Loops Mobile and im kinda proud of what I came up with on my first run of this advanced as hell tool. Finally slowly starting to understand music theory as well what with the answer question kinda thing? Wanted to implement that here but I have to sleep.

Kind of wanted to try and channel that chill vibe and also break out of my normal chiptune stuff and just kinda cleanse my pallette?

Electro House s0nlx 1-16-2019.mp33mb

Made with the Korg Gadget on the Switch. I really like how the snares came out, it seems a jump up was the secret all along.

C Dorian mode for that extra bit of scenery and a lot of funny business around the end.

New Woods.mp32mb

Collaboration with Aisjam and my self for The Great Australian Barbecue Bash vol. 2 via Australian Chiptune Collective


aisjam x Aday - Neural MIDI Flux.mp314mb
mnapoleon - gekkonid.mp38mb
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