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The thing about monthly beats is that come December you have to make a song that covers both Christmas and New Years, so that's what I did.

I'll be posting all 12 songs on my Audius, see what comes of it.

Not the best place for a workout, but at least it's got a good snap to it.

As per usual, made on the Switch. Also the tool I used to compose a song that actually got a commercial release (Hiptunes, check it out).

Alright, listen up maggots, it's time for mission briefing.

It's really important so don't blow it.

Suddenly airplane. The mission shall go on.

Wolfberg on the base, Chicago on the arps and Marseilles on the strings. Beyond that everything's chiptune, Otorii on the drums, Kingston, Kamata and Ebina on the rest

The title was auto generated, the music is not.

A short tune in C major blues with an honest usage of the Brussels gadget for the first time. Probably the last time, too.

For this month I wanted to do a march, for no real particular reason. March is also the name of a month, but I guess that's not really relevant.

Initially this song was composed in minor key, I'll upload that on soundcloud at some point. This is the major and enhanced version, with chiptune.

It's maybe not quite distant enough, and perhaps also not quite piano enough what with the layers adding to it, but it's most certainly a piano.

Korg Gadget on the Switch finally has new instruments, I'll be having fun with those.

I wanted to make a waterway sort of level, and though it didn't quite turn into what I wanted, it turn into something I liked. Guess I was just trying to play it too safe. Maybe in the waterway for within some actual things can happen.

Mixolydian Bb with all the harp. It's beautiful.

This song happens when you will the B away, and then want to play in C, then C#, then D. There's pretty much no other outcome.

Those funny people sure look funny. Suburbia is never going to be the same.

Made in about an hour to see if I could.

Simple F# major that orbits around the tempo.

Made with the Korg Gadget on the Switch. I really like how the snares came out, it seems a jump up was the secret all along.

C Dorian mode for that extra bit of scenery and a lot of funny business around the end.

Completed streaks