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Not much time today, so 10 mn massive pad #sounddesignsaturday

Piano piano piano

This one came out pretty weird lol

no theory thursday, did an elevator music challenge instead!

Drawing the girl from @HamsterFragment on twitter

So many crazy shapes and shadows on this thing, definitely gonna draw again.

Holy shit that was close. worked on some triplet house today and read the FL manual for 15m for tutorial tuesday <3

New mountains, some place names and colour testing!

trying to get better with dblue Glitch!

Also came up with a schedule today to help me learn faster.

M - Massive Monday
T - Tutorial Tuesday
W - Writing Wednesday
T - Theory Thursday
F - Free Work Friday
S - Sound Design Saturday
S - Sample Library Sunday

Had a rough day, but drawing really helped me calm down and unwind ❤

Playing around with a new program so not much today!

no idea what im doing.

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