hi x

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sorry was having friends down for the weeeeekend

Submission 50! I had a submission for yesterday but it didn't go through for some reason :(

Anyway, I like this piece.

no time today!!!

Bit of a rough one fellas

vital and chill. back from the dead after exams <3

messing around in vital!

Local man forgets to upload even though he did work on music yesterday more at six

I actually did stuff yesterday, but forgot to upload!

DOwnloaded the vital synth :) Also spent half an hour in the piano room working through the sheet I made for the Hf piano piece!!!

Feeling a bit off due to COVID vaccine! Quick tutorial!

making sheet music for the piano piece I finished a couple weeks ago :)

No file today, I spent the time looking at the structure of ak+q's track "chromastellia"

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