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I'm not too happy about the amount of work I get done atm and I'm hoping I will get back on track for finished stencil per day when a few other important things that are up atm are done the day after tomorrow.

Got myself a proper scalpel and thinner paper today. Paper might be a bit too thin, it doesn't stay as flat as the other one and is more flexible.

This was, without doubt, the hardest stencil to cut so far. All the tiny details at the top of the head were insanely hard to do, I ended up mostly just pushing the blade through and wiggling to make a slit. It turned out great regardless, and I'm proud of it. This is also a candidate for an A3 remake some time.

I used a thin cap for the red color to get through the tiny holes with a bit more force, and it worked out great without overspraying too much.

Did a terrible job aligning the layers, I'm keeping the stencils to try it another time. Still happy witht he results though :D

You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea.

Turned an idea that I sketched on paper three or four months ago into a stencil. Finishing touches and painting probably tomorrow.

Another small one, I am kind of running out of ideas and also not being very creative anymore (this was straight from google images basically). Let's see if I can get my motivation up again in the next days :D

This has got to be one of the dirtiest design jobs I did so far, I spent less than 5 minutes on this I think. Still turned out pretty good.

Whale Whores is S13E11 and probably my favorite South Park Episode.

I forgot to upscale the source image before I worked on it, so I ended up with a 4mm pixel grid on the paper.
Improvised the curves a bit and it turned out much better than I expected!

Also I'm going low on gold paint, I'll have to rebuy some.
Also It's easier to tell from the cardboard in real life, quite hard to photograph.

Spent most of the day sleeping, then used the rest of the time for work. Inspiration was sparse and I did't realy come up with anything for a while. Let's see what this looks like on cardboard later.

Another one that turned out great IMO. The fatcap for the black color really was worth it, the details look much better with it.

Second stencil for the birthday gift tomorrow. I started very late so cutting it out is today's entry, I'll paint it tomorrow before I leave.

Today I learned that strategic placement is important aswell :P (see the latch at the bottom, it is right on the fold and has an irregular shape because I put the whole stencil too low)

I designed this as on Daily Stencil #3, cut and painted it with a friend today. I think it turned out pretty cool!

meta-stencil of the tool I use :D

the orange color somehow dries extremely slow and sticks to the back of the next stencil very easily, it's really hard to stencil on top. Also I screwed up the layer order a bit and now there is a bit too much color on the right of the cutter.

A quick stencil for one of my all-time favourite music producers - The Widdler.

The design is one of the logos he uses for his twitch stream on wednesdays and sundays, I just fixed the islands in the "D"s and the "R" and printed it out.

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