what an absolutely rad 100 days! at the start of this year i would never have believed I could have drawn some of the things I've done in the past 100 days ✨

dwarph35 days ago

@leafo thank you ❤️

leafo36 days ago

Congrats! Keep it up

dwarph43 days ago

@jasontomlee letssssssssss gooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

jasontomlee43 days ago

CONGRATZ!! its been a blast seeing ur drawings lets go dude

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did not realise how weird pikmin truly were until i drew this dude. they're super fun to draw though, would recommend.

more rock colouring, redraw of frodo on his pony.

sidenote: I hate AI generated art... but it's so good for generating a very specific reference image!!! i was dieing trying to find a good one for someone on a pony at the angle i wanted

just did a 30km cycle and my legs r jelly

final page of this sketchbook 🥲

first attempt at drawing from my imagination - could picture this very clearly & wanted to roughly capture it before I redid it in krita

ignore the fact that they're connected lol these are both pretty poor

Got back late but saw some cool cherubim whilst out and about today - attempted to sketch quick. Kinda wild how shading can turn an awful awful sketch into a passable one.

finished off what i started on monday :)

(had lasagne for dinner and felt inspired)

trying to draw a gorgeous scene depicted in the ghibli museum of the robot raising up his arms whilst surrounded by birds, the only reference of which I have is a pen! will continue on with this later this week

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