Just discovered this streak!

I'll edit this post every time I practice this week, since I'm likely to forget how much time I spent every day. ^^'

Oh, and, I also play cello (like this streak's host, although I'm a newbie). :D

  • Thursday: Study by Bréval (line 1 and 2), about 45 minutes.
  • Friday: Study by Bréval (line 3 and 4, then all of it), about 1 hour.
  • Saturday: Lesson, Study by Bréval (all), accompanied with the teacher. About 1 hour.
  • Sunday: Study by Bréval, line 1 and 2, faster, staccato. 1 hour.
  • Monday: Study by Bréval, all of if, faster and staccato. 1 hour. It’s starting to sound great! :D
saluk9 years ago

@kooda - nice a fellow cellist! I'm far from a newbie but also far from where I should be... My abilities are really inconsistent and weird and I hate them :P

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  • Thursday: 30 minutes of the study by Romberg.

  • Thursday: 1h of practice of the study by Romberg, with my tuner to check my accuracy

Little pause this week, I only played with my teacher on monday.

We did a few 4th position exercises and he gave me a new lesson to work on, using both the 1st and 4th positions. Looks difficult and fun! :D

  • Tuesday: 1h lesson, new exercises and new piece to work on! :D
  • Thursday: 1h15, I tried the new exercises but let the new piece alone… for now. :)
  • Friday: 1h of the new exercises and a little bit of the new piece (I cut my finger while slicing bread so I'm having a hard time with extensions -_-)
  • Saturday: 1h, still doing the exercises but I focused more on the new piece (which is a study by Romberg by the way), this one is quite difficult! :o
  • Sunday: 1h15, a tiny bit of exercises and a lot of training on the study by Romberg. Half of it is completely in extension! :O
  • Monday: 30 minutes, still training on the study by Romberg. I only practiced 30 minutes because my fingers hurt. :(

  • Saturday: 1h, lots of 4th position exercises, menuet d'Exaudet nearly at regular speed.
  • Sunday: 1h, like yesterday I worked on the 4th position a bit and then I played the menuet d’Exaudet multiple times, insisting on parts I don’t fully master yet. I’ll probably play it with the teacher tomorow! :D
  • Monday: probably around 30 minutes, I did some 4th position exercises and I played the menuet d’Exaudet multiple times at normal speed. :) The lesson has been postponed to tomorow.

Getting back to it!

  • Wednesday: ~30 minutes, I started a bit late so I didn’t have much time to practice. Anyways I practiced a bit my 4th position and chords. I also played the study by Bréval a little bit. :)
  • Saturday: about 1h
  • Monday: 1h, study by Bréval, more 4th position training

Whow, time flies by. Not much training this week. :|

  • Monday: 1h with the teacher, still doing the study by Bréval. I started learning the 4th position! \o/

I’ve been a bit down this week so I didn’t practice very much :(

  • Wednesday: about 1h of exercises, a little bit of the study by Bréval, and the first line of Menuet d’Exaudet.
  • Thursday: about 1h, exercises and the first two lines of Menuet d’Exaudet
  • Monday: 1h course with the teacher, we played the whole Menuet d’Exaudet at a reduced speed.

I’m back home!

  • Wednesday: 1h with the teacher, he’s happy with the study by Bréval so we start the next piece I’ll be working on for the next few days: Minuetto by Éxaudet.
  • Friday: 1h of Minuetto by Éxaudet.

Sadly, I won’t be able to train much this week since I’ll be traveling without my cello.

  • Tuesday: 1h hour of the study by Bréval. I was tired so I didn’t do very well. Though I think I’ll be able to play that piece in its designed pace at some point! :)

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