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i improvised this outfit. its supposed to be like... a jacket hanging off of her shoulders but meh

ahaha. tired. this is all i can do for now

switched it up, did some bison study and...regular gestures too i guess

environmental work, kinda? working on a tropius fountain for my story. my gf also asked if i could draw a flower that's never been discovered before and i tried a few designs but i seriously lack the patience to color

changed up the outfit slightly. i like it more this way

didn't really have a plan when coloring this. everything looks muddy

posemanics is gone and i can't look at the figure drawing videos on croiquis cafe! (I think they privated their videos or something) >:( Does anyone know where I can find some good figure drawing resources?

this was supposed to be a quick sketch while i try to figure out this character's design.

i feel like i struggle more with men's bodies

her palette reminds me of fall. anyway. i'll be starting orientation tomorrow, so that's neat.

i am aware that the colors don't go together, i'll come back and fix it another day

redrew a character that is the dad of another character.

i don't know what to caption this

sometimes i look back at my old art annnnnd. it's rough. sheesh.

hands are difficult

last year around this time, I was in the middle of leaving my job when I got sick. this year, I'm starting out in good health and with a new job! 2021 is looking up

background stuff

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