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this is like version 4 on this map

holy crap, i have completely forgotten what people looked like, i kept using this internal shorthand in my brain

not sure about the palette right now

i was indifferent to dragons until i got a flygon on one of my emerald playthroughs. it's been one of my favorite pokemon since.

last gym leader, vasquez. he uses ground-types. temporarily forgot how to draw boys while drawing him lol

alt outfit 2. i kinda wanted to give her a skirt, but it didn't look right. maybe she's not a skirt gal

casualamber. trying to give amber a warmer color palette (because her name), but i want her eyes to be blue still. so, eh.

prof. sequoia. finally got around to drawing her out and coloring her. i really like her so far. i think i should make her shoes darker though

i miss drawing pokemon. it's really fun. this is amb and her riolu nicknamed rio. she was like 10 when she named it, ok lol.

i really want to be able to do environments but i gotta pace myself

think i'll start my own streak to prep for nanowrimo coming up

i think i've gotten face drawing down to a science

i tried several times to lineart this, but it wasn't coming out right so eh.

i don't have an unhealthy obsession with this look at all

for some reason, still designing new characters

writing is hard

gasp. did some lineart.

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