ah, did a better character concept for hailee, the ice-type gym leader. one of her older and younger. now that i look at it, i think i may need to change up the color palette in the future.

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i feel like i struggle more with men's bodies

her palette reminds me of fall. anyway. i'll be starting orientation tomorrow, so that's neat.

i am aware that the colors don't go together, i'll come back and fix it another day

redrew a character that is the dad of another character.

i don't know what to caption this

sometimes i look back at my old art annnnnd. it's rough. sheesh.

hands are difficult

last year around this time, I was in the middle of leaving my job when I got sick. this year, I'm starting out in good health and with a new job! 2021 is looking up

background stuff

more scenes with these three

they're childhood friends

finished some character sketches. amber looks really pale next to someone darker LOL. below is one of amber's dads and her aunt carmine. carmine is based on one of my gf's characters that had a tragic end so she cameos in my story with a better life

goodbye 2020!!!

drew my babies older because i like planning sequels before i even finish the main story

had a working interview today and they want to hire me! they said they would have to call my references first, so right now my fingers are crossed that i'll get a job offer soon

i drew my gf's ocs in my pokeverse as a chirstmas present. i hope she likes it >.<

i asked my girlfriend for fanart (jokingly) and then i quickly drew some outfit refs for her. i'll do fanart of her characters soon.

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